ΠΑΤΡΑ Traveling During Covid 19 – What it’s really like!

Traveling during the Covid 19 Pandemic is not impossible! If the proper safety precautions are taken, you can travel feeling safe and secure. We recently traveled from Sweden to Greece during Covid 19 and did not experience any issues. The airport in Gothenburg, Sweden was empty, however the airports in Stockholm and Athens were somewhat busy. It’s important to note that we were required to take a Covid 19 test at our local hospital within 48 hours of traveling, and there were random tests at the airports. It goes without saying, if you feel even slightly sick, do not travel! Remember to wear an N95 mask and to wash your hands regularly! We had a trip booked to Greece before the outbreak of Coronvirus and could not receive a refund, so we decided to travel. We really feel bad for the airline industry and the thousands of airline workers that have lost their jobs. We will continue to travel by air when appropriate and when we can do it safely.

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